My Maid, llc - "Enjoy Coming Home To Clean!"

About Us:
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

My Maid, LLC began in 2010 after a 20+ years of successful interior design career in Green Bay.  Which even included working with a couple of our beloved Packer players.  When I moved back home to the Lake Country area, I started cleaning for a couple of friends houses to take care of my horse and it just grew into what is now My Maid.  

5/5 stars October 31, 2014
Heather and her team are fabulous! They do a terrific job -- my house looks great. She is very open to my feedback about any little thing that was missed or that I'd like to change or add. Highly recommend My Maids!  Paula H.

5/5 stars October 16, 2014
The only thing better than their office cleaning abilities is the communication they provide. Highly recommend My Maid, LLC.
Kevin PRXRx Custom Pharmacy

5/5 stars February 2, 2015
My Maid LLC did an excellent job! We have a 2200 sq ft home. 2 dogs, 2 adults and a 5 year old (if you have small children and dogs you know how quickly your home can look like a tornado touched down inside). When we hired them our home was in serious need of a good deep cleaning and shake down. We set it up so we were at work when they came in and when we got home that night WOW. Our house smelled squeaky clean and looked fabulous! They completely exceeded our expectations! We felt like a child in a candy store running around the house! I can't even imagine how long it took for them to complete the job! Amazing, no more dog hair clinging to the floorboards for dear life, steps were vacuumed, bathrooms shined including the floors even behind the toilet, kitchen dishes were done, home was picked up, dusted, they even cleaned our carpets! My Maid did a 5 star job we are thrilled with these ladies and the work they do. Needless to say we've hired them to come in biweekly. Fabulous job!! 
You ladies are a godsend.
Jill H.

February 27, 2014
Heather has been cleaning my home for the past year, and she has been extremely reliable and does an excellent job. I recommend her cleaning service without hesitation.

When I met Heather I immediately liked and trusted her. She was very professional, answered correspondence quickly and offers several options for payment Heather provided all of the paperwork re bonding and insurance I requested and also gave references who were very complimentary of her cleaning services. I've now had several cleaning sessions done by one of her employees. My house has many pets and lots of hair and feathers and the house was immaculate, even cleaned in places neglected for a very long time. I couldn't be happier with My Maid, LLC.

Heather is an exceptional house cleaner and I'm so happy that she has been able to grow her business. My wife and I also use her as a pet sitter when we're on vacation - we are very lucky to be able to have someone we trust taking care of our home and kitties when we're thousands of miles away! I would recommend Heather to anyone interested in a good value for home cleaning.

We just had our home cleaned for the first time by My Maids and couldn't be happier.  We have used two other cleaning companies prior to finding you and well as you know I was not happy.  Looking forward to continuing with you.

My Maids has been cleaning my home for 2 years now.  I was very happy to discover her as my previous company was ok, however I had a hard time communicating with them as they spoke very little english.

Thank You for cleaning the blinds and taking such good care of our house.  
You are the best!

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