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Even if just need a little help with keeping your bathrooms sanitary and sparkly... 
Or if you would like the whole house clean. We can help!   We customize our services to fit your needs. 

Then maybe you'll some free time to enjoy the tub for a hot bubble bath verses just trying to keep it clean... :)

Welcome to My Maid cleaning service!
These are some questions we are asked on a regular basis. 

Do you send different people to clean?
My Maid sends the same maid for every clean. We find our clients like knowing who is in their home and it gives us the ability to taylor the cleaning to your preferences.

Do they speak english?
Yes, absolutely.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?
That is completely up to you. We clean for about 100 clients each month and about 90% of them are at work when their cleaning is being done. If you are not going to be home, please make sure we have clear instructions as how to enter the home. If available, garage codes are the best method.

What if I have pets?
My Maid is known for being pet friendly. Most of us all have our own beloved fur balls of some kind. If you would like your dogs taken out for a bathroom break, pleases specify where the leash/s are and what type of routine they are used to (such as where treats are, if the yard is fenced in and such). We are happy to let them out, we just want to do it in a safe manner. If your dog/s are known for being a runner, please don't ask us to let them out.

Does My Maid require a signed contract?
No, we do not. We keep our clients by doing a good job and having open communication, not by locking them into a legally binding contract.

Does My Maid charge more for the first clean?
Vary rarely do we charge more for the first clean, because our goal is to keep cleaning your home for life. With that there are some occasions we have to, such as if the home hasn't been dusted in years.

What products do you clean with?
My Maids tool box contains many of products. The main items include: a light orange wood polish, rubbing alcohol (for glass), windex, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, electronics spray, stainless steel polish, toilet bowl cleaner, rust out (used only when necessary), my cleaning secret and shower cleaner. If there is a certain product you would like used please let us know. We send the same maid for each clean, so we can taylor the cleaning to your specification. Even if you prefer lemon wood polish to orange. Just let us know.

What type of vacuums do you use?
We use Shark vacuums. They have wonderful suction and are lighter then a dyson. If you would like us to use your vacuum or central vac system again just let us know.

How do you clean hard surface flooring?
Hard surface floors are swept (and vacuumed if needed) and then we use a spray mop system with either a windex or vinegar and water solution. We have found over the years, that this gives the best results and also keeps your flooring warranties valid. A lot of other cleaners, such as mop n glow can void warranties on floors due to the waxy residue it leaves behind. If you would like another cleaner used please leave it out. We do not clean floors on our hands and knees, as this is extremely hard are on anyones body and the spray mop system gives better overall results.

Will you clean interior windows?
Yes, we do the interior windows on the first cleaning, if there are no screens and they are maintained afterwards as needed.

Do I need to do anything for the first clean?
If there are any specifications that you didn't go over with Heather already, just leave on the counter. Also, the first clean if pretty extensive, so if the home is dusty we always recommend to change the air filter to eliminate the dust recirculating.

Do you dust under items?
Yes, of coarse.

What appliances in the kitchen are cleaned?
The outside of all appliances are cleaned. The interior and exterior of the microwave is cleaned. If you have a gas stove, sometimes the cast iron grills are cleaned best by putting them in the dishwasher. Also, sometimes the glass turntable in the microwave needs to be put in the dishwasher as well, due to baked on food.

Do you do dishes?
We wash up to 10 dishes. Anything beyond can be done, however there is an up charge.

Do you make beds?
Yes, we can if the beds, if they are stripped and new clean sheets are left on the bed.

Do you do laundry?
No, this is one of the very few services that we don't offer.

Do you take out the garbage?
Yes, we sure do. Just let us know where to put it. We provide all the smaller trash bags as well.

What if I want an extra project done?
Many of our clients will request a special project, such as having the inside of the refrigerator cleaned. Just contact Heather with the request for scheduling and/or if there is an additional fee.

What if I have something I would like done differently?
We 100% believe in open communication! Let us know. Each one of our customers 
are different and like things done their way. We understand this. Let us know what “Your Way” is. Either leave the maids a note, send Heather an email or text, or call us.

I want to leave a review?
My Maid has been in business for over 5 years, our entire team is very proud of the business we have built. A lot of time and hard work has gone into this business. We have received so many amazing reviews from very happy clients over the years and only one bad, which if you look at any other cleaning company that's pretty darn good. With that, online reviews or any other review for that matter is a very big deal for us as a business and effects each and everyone of our team members.

Everyone at My Maids wants all of customers to be happy and satisfied. 
If for some reason something is not done “your way”, please let Heather know, 
so she can take care of it.

If you would like to leave a review or see what other customers say about us, we are online on many different websites such as, Thumbtack, Linked In, Facebook and many more.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by leaving a check written out to My Maid in an envelope on the counter. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, please let Heather know that as we can set that up.

Do I tip the maids?
Many of our customers do. This is completely up to you. When I first started as a one woman operation, I loved seeing a little tip or thank you note, it let me know I was doing what the client wanted.

What if I need to reschedule?
We understand circumstances come up just let Heather know, so we can reschedule as need be. Most of the maids have small kids (that can get sick) in there lives as well, so sometimes we need reschedule as well.

What if I want an extra cleaning done?
Many of our clients call and add an a cleaning due to a party or upcoming event. Just contact Heather to schedule.

Thinking of recommending My Maid?
We love referrals! If you do recommend us to a friend, family member or co-worker please make sure they mention it or let us know. We give our current customers 50% off there next cleaning for any referral that turns into a new client as our way of saying thank you.

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